• Adobe After Effects CC for Digital 2D Animation

    by Brandon Mhlanga 12 Lessons in

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    Introduction The Adobe After Effects for Animation is a course designed for people with none to minimal experience in Adobe After Effects. During the course, students who wish to work in the field of animation, video or currently works in these fields, and are looking to add animations into their skillset. This programme will prepare you […]

  • Adobe Photoshop CC for Digital 2D Animation

    by Brandon Mhlanga 10 Lessons in

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    Introduction The Adobe Photoshop for animation course for animation is designed for people with little or no experience in photoshop. We will be learning how to create characters and backgrounds for animation using drawing and photo editing techniques. We will be focusing on developing the understanding of the interface, theory of animation and the creative aspect of animation […]

  • Adobe Illustrator CC for Animation

    by Brandon Mhlanga 10 Lessons in

    5 learners taking this course

    Introduction The Adobe Illustrator CC for Animation course is an in-depth look into the start of the workflow into the world of animation. During the course, students will be delving deep into the world of Illustration, asset, character and environment creation for animation purposes. Illustrator is used for vector design & layout. Its drawing tools, colour control & […]

  • Motion & Creative Photography

    by Johnathan Andrews 31 Lessons in

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    The Motion & Creative Photography course is an action packed programme which was designed to inspire creative imagery.

    During the course students explore practical and theoretical aspects surrounding the subject matter and are able to complete the course on a full time or part time basis. Various tips, tricks and techniques are dealt with.

    The course furthermore aims to add high quality images to the student’s portfolio.

  • Applied Flash Photography Principles | Online

    by Johnathan Andrews 21 Lessons in R2,780.00

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    The Applied Flash Photography Principles course is presented over four sessions and is recommended for students who have already completed an introduction course and understands how to use a Digital SLR camera in the manual mode.

    Students must have an external flash to complete the course.

    Learn Flash Photography to perfect your photographic skills! If you are used to work with available light only, this course is bound to open another dimension to photography!

  • Introduction to Digital Photography | Online

    by Johnathan Andrews 52 Lessons in R4,950.00

    9 learners taking this course

    The Introduction to Digital Photography course is an intensive training programme designed for persons who have no prior knowledge of digital photography – however, some experience will be to your advantage.

    The course consists of 7 modules that deal with a host of topics, including the various functions of your Digital SLR camera, theoretical elements of how these settings affect your photographs and practical training assignments.

    The course objectives include learning how to use your Digital SLR camera in the manual mode, get a thorough under-standing of many other camera settings and gain valuable experience in various photography situations and conditions.

    This module does not deal with editing images using Adobe Lightroom, but students are advised to enroll for the Photo Editing using Lightroom subject to enjoy a comprehensive learning experience.